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Why Choose SOS Franchising?

by | May 9, 2024

Do you want to own a franchise business that helps special needs kids? Are you looking for a business with meaningful purpose? Make profit with a purpose by opening a Success On The Spectrum franchise.

In the world of Autism treatment, private equity investment groups own the majority share of ABA therapy clinics. However, Success On The Spectrum (SOS) is revolutionizing the industry by becoming the first ABA therapy franchise in the country. Unlike the other big-box clinics, the majority of SOS franchisees are autism parents or siblings. The clinics are driven by passion, not profits, and the children benefit greatly from it.

Different from other franchise models that allow absentee ownership or passive investors, SOS Franchising requires CEOs to be owner-operators. Hands-on involvement is essential and franchisees who are actively engaged in their businesses are more likely to succeed. This hands-on approach not only fosters a stronger sense of accountability and commitment but also promotes a culture of collaboration and mutual support among franchisees.

So why choose SOS Franchising? Because we offer the best of both worlds: the support and resources of a proven franchise business that helps special needs kids, combined with the freedom and flexibility of independent ownership.