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Nichole Daher awarded Most Empowering Women Leader of the Year 2024

by | May 7, 2024

For her remarkable innovation, Nichole Daher was awarded The Most Empowering Women Leaders 2024 by FortunesWall

In 2015, Nichole founded Success On The Spectrum, the first Autism Treatment franchise in the country. Unlike traditional ABA therapy companies, where financial motives often overshadow therapeutic goals, SOS remains steadfast in its mission to empower children with autism to lead independent and fulfilling lives. This mission is exemplified by the composition of SOS franchise owners, where 50% are either autism parents or siblings, bringing a deep personal understanding and commitment to the cause.

Success On The Spectrum is a learning center for children with Autism. Unlike typical school classrooms, SOS centers are designed to be sensory friendly. The child to “teacher” ratio is one-to-one, so our clients make the most progress possible in a short amount of time. SOS is one of the few ABA therapy providers that allow parents to watch the live video feed of their child’s therapy from a viewing room. SOS is also one of the few providers that treat children over age 7. Furthermore, SOS’s community outreach program, offering free social events for families affected by autism, demonstrates the organization’s genuine commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of its centers.

By leveraging the franchise model, Nichole Daher transformed the industry paradigm, ensuring that every brick-and-mortar Autism Treatment center operated under a unified ethos of excellence. Lower caseloads, stringent client-to-staff ratios, and ethical billing practices became the hallmarks of SOS centers, setting a new standard for quality care. As the Fortune Business Insights report attests, SOS quickly rose to prominence, emerging as a key player in the global market with its unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Nichole Daher has truly earned the title of Most Empowering Women Leaders. Her inspiration has led hundred of families to valuable assistance and care.