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The combination of science, a fun environment, community outings, safety and high parent involvement sets SOS apart from the competition.

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The incidence of autism among American children has soared from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 44 today, and 6.8 million children and adults now live with autism.


ABA is an applied science devoted to developing procedures which will produce observable changes in behavior. Using a system of rewards, ABA therapy can instill a desire to learn new skills. Our special way of teaching creates a fun and happy environment for a child that otherwise would be left behind. This non-verbal approach to errorless teaching encourages the child to step outside of their symptoms and helps them grow into a functional adult in mainstream society

Even though the United States is the largest market for autism treatment programs, the demand for ABA is still outpacing the supply. 49 states report 6 month – 1 year waiting lists for ABA therapy.

The government recognizes this crisis, and changes to federal and state laws now compel health insurance companies to favorably reimburse autism treatment as an essential healthcare service.


Up until 2018, the ABA therapy industry was dominated by private equity groups. In fact, Market research suggests that nine large multi-site ABA companies operate an estimated 296 brick & mortar centers — a 38% market share of ABA programs.

In 2018, Success On The Spectrum (SOS) emerged into the market. The first franchise of it’s kind, SOS provides a variety of therapy services to children with developmental delays, including ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy. The franchising company, SOS Franchising, provides each location owner with training and quality monitoring.

The franchise model in the ABA industry has the advantage of large company resources, training, operations monitoring, purchasing power, and brand recognition… while still holding the “mom and pop” feel and attention from individual owners.

“SOS focuses on providing the highest of standards of treatment, rather than quantity. Our operational standards ensure that our behavior technicians receive quality training, our Behavior Analysts provide superior supervision and training, and that our ABA programs follow the latest scientifically-proven methods.” SOS is proud to hold the rare BHCOE Accreditation, proving a commitment to continuous improvement. SOS has been distinguished as a provider that cares about quality, parent satisfaction, and staff satisfaction.

SOS continues to grow and new locations are providing access to care for children across the country.



As the mother of an autistic child, Nichole Daher became frustrated with the lack of Autism Treatment options available for her child. Her passion and determination to help autistic children fueled her mission to create more accessible care.

In 2015, Nichole opened up her first Success On The Spectrum location in Houston, which became full within 6 months. After expanding, they filled up again within 6 months. Even building a second location, twice the size of the first, didn’t slow down the number of new clients coming to Success On The Spectrum, as this center too was at capacity after 9 months.

Knowing that she could never meet the demand alone, Nichole founded SOS Franchising, the first comprehensive Autism Treatment franchise in the US. Her new mission is to train other business owners to open and operate high-quality Autism Treatment centers, as a way to make ABA care more available across the country.

The Success On The Spectrum franchise is now setting the standards for high-quality treatment and blazing a trail for excellence. As the first franchise of its kind, the Success On The Spectrum model is transforming the industry by creating healthcare centers that have a mom-and-pop feel but also the support and training one expects of a major medical facility.




The trademark (including the design mark) “SOS Success on the Spectrum” is registered on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, bearing the registration number 5275808.

The standard character mark “Success on the Spectrum” is registered on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, bearing registration number 5637164.

The design mark “Ship’s Wheel” is also registered on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office bearing registration number 5714411.


Success On The Spectrum is known for it’s activism and community involvement. Each month, Success On The Spectrum hosts free social events for the public. Among the most popular events are the Annual Autism Prom, Autism Festival, and Parent Training Workshops.

The purpose of their community outreach program is to promote social inclusion for families affected by Autism, reduce the stigma around autism, spread Success On The Spectrum’s message, and provide fun activities for kids and parents alike.. Founder Nichole Daher states, “Every child should be able to enjoy activities like this without the fear of being judged or rejected. We are making memories for these kids. I love that we can offer these events. Some of these kids would never experience things like prom otherwise.”


In 2019, Success on the Spectrum earned the prestigious BHCOE Accreditation.

In 2019, Success On The Spectrum was selected for the 2019 Houston Award in the Mental Health Clinic category by the Houston Award Program.

In 2020, CV Magazine awarded Success On The Spectrum the “Best Neurodevelopmental Disorder Support Franchise – USA” and “Best Child Behavioural Therapy Franchise

In 2021, Nichole Daher (founder of Success On The Spectrum) was awarded the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award by the international organization IFAH (International Forum in Advancements in Healthcare).

In 2021, Nichole Daher (founder of Success On The Spectrum) was awarded “20 Most Inspiring Leaders” by The Women Leaders Magazine.

In 2022, Success On The Spectrum was recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Companies’ by IFAH (International Forum in Advancements in Healthcare) for their innovation and successful participation in the development of the healthcare industry.

In 2022, Nichole Daher (founder of Success On The Spectrum) was awarded “Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the World” by GHO (Global Healthcare Outlook)

In 2022, Nichole Daher (founder of Success On The Spectrum) was awarded “Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the World” by The CEO Publication

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Occupational Therapy


Your center will provide the following programs:

  • ABA Therapy: specialized instruction that helps children acquire new skills and reduce problem behavior.
  • Speech Therapy: helps improve verbal, nonverbal, and social communication.
  • Occupational Therapy: helps children to become more independent and participate in a wide range of activities.
  • Social Skills Group Classes: promotes growth in social connections and friendship skills.


Your building will be designed for students to achieve Success On The Spectrum.

  • Mock classrooms within your center to get kids “school ready”
  • Private staterooms for distraction-free environments
  • Social / Activity rooms to encourage cooperative play and social interaction
  • A parent viewing room complete with coffee and wifi
Success On The Spectrum Franchise