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The Captain’s Wheel of Developmental Domains

by | Aug 25, 2021

The Captain’s Wheel is a wonderful tool to use when explaining to parents what we do.  We are so much more than teaching academics….   While academics are important, the other developmental domains can be difficult for parents to teach to their autistic children.  They are essential for children to learn as early as possible in a child’s developmental journey, not only so they can interact more easily with others, but it also helps them learn academics more easily.

We can help with our expertly laid out plans by our BCBAs, which are then carried out by our trained RTs and RBTs.   If you’re not already in the habit of explaining the our Captain’s Wheel of Developmental Domains to every new parent who comes into your center, we encourage you to do so.

We have made it easy for You to share with this video.

Success On The Spectrum’s Captain Wheel of Developmental Domains Explained – YouTube