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Autumn Autism Festival 2021!

by | Nov 17, 2021

Each year, Success On The Spectrum, or SOS holds an autism Festival free of charge for Autism families in the community. Here, autistic children & their families can come out for a day of fun in a judgement-free environment….  Children with autism deserve to have fun, just as much as their neurotypical counterparts.

At one of our events, it’s quite possible you might witness a meltdown, but it is worth it to us to watch these children jump up and down with excitement at experiencing a new activity.  It’s worth it to us that families can get out of the house and see their child have a better outing than the last time or to see him try a new thing and enjoy it with his siblings and family by his side.  If we expect our children to mature and learn coping mechanisms they need to practice.  If it’s our desire they grow into self-sufficient adults someday, they cannot avoid noisy places all together.  The festival is a great place to practice and have fun!

Success On The Spectrum provides ABA Therapy for children and Caregiver Training for parents.  Our goal is to help children develop self-control, independence, and a positive self-concept.

Our long term objective is to teach functional skills that help our clients become fulfilled