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Nichole Daher Featured In Voyage-Houston Magazine

by | Sep 18, 2023

Exploring Life & Business with Nichole Daher of Success On The Spectrum

Until 2018, private equity groups held a significant grip on the ABA therapy sector. In fact, market research indicates that nine major multi-location ABA companies managed approximately 296 physical centers, which accounted for a substantial 38% share of the entire ABA program market. The profit-oriented focus of financial investors had detrimental effects, such as increasing the workload for analysts, diminishing parental involvement, and consequently lowering the quality of care provided to children. These standardized profit-driven operations were essentially transforming most ABA clinics into the equivalent of fast-food therapy.

In contrast, the franchise model within the ABA industry offers several advantages, including access to substantial corporate resources, comprehensive training, ongoing operational supervision, collective purchasing power, and established brand recognition—all while retaining the personal touch and dedicated attention of individual owners. SOS Franchising is now leading the way in establishing benchmarks for top-notch treatment, charting a course toward excellence.

Nichole Daher opened SOS Franchising, the only ABA franchise in the country. Click on the link to read the full interview: Exploring Life & Business with Nichole Daher of Success On The Spectrum