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Increasing Potential at SOS: Extraordinary Focus and Low Caseloads for Maximum Progress

by | Nov 8, 2023

The ABA industry is challenged with the upsurge of children diagnosed with Autism. There are not enough centers to serve them and the number of BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysist) to write their individualized programs. Many ABA centers are owned by private equity groups where the focus is on profit. Many of these companies tend to load their employees with an excessive amount of work in order to maximize their revenue.

This kind of environment can have negative effects on both the well-being of the staff and the progress of the children they serve. When the caseload becomes too overwhelming, there’s a risk that the ABA analysts (BCBAs) may be unable to deliver the highest quality care to each individual child.

In the face of shared challenges such as heavy workloads and employee exhaustion, there is an increasing urgency for a new paradigm in this demanding field. This shift prioritizes not only addressing the issue of high caseloads but also ensuring the quality of care provided.

Within the ever-evolving field of autism therapy, Success On The Spectrum (SOS) franchise, has risen to address this challenge. Established in 2015 in Houston, Texas, SOS has been challenging the established norms in the industry, reshaping the perception of the effectiveness of ABA therapy.

The strong connections established between SOS personnel and the children under their care emphasize the significance of placing quality above financial gains within the autism industry.

Success On The Spectrum’s approach prioritizes the well-being of the analysts while providing quality of care for the children.

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