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Nichole Daher Featured On The Brainy Moms Podcast

by | Jan 11, 2022

If you’re like most moms, you want smart ideas to help you and your kids thrive.  The Brainy Moms podcast works to keep moms up to date on all kinds of topics with smart ideas.


Nichole talks with The Brainy Moms about the creation of Success On The Spectrum and ABA therapy.  You are probably aware of the controversy around whether or not it’s an ethical intervention.  Nichole gets real with listeners about the controversy, shares where it comes from, sets the record straight, and tells us exactly what parents need to look for when it comes to ethical and effective ABA therapy for kids on the autism spectrum.   It’s an interesting and insightful conversation about autism and ABA therapy.

Brainy Moms is a weekly parenting podcast hosted by cognitive psychologist (and mom of 3Dr. Amy Moore and child development researcher (and mom of 9Teri Miller, MS Psy.   Together, they record conversations and expert opinions from brainy guests on topics such as parenting advice, child development, education, psychology and mental health, and even some neuroscience.

ABA Therapy for Autism: What You Need to Know with guest Nichole Daher