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SOS Franchising answered 10 Questions To Ask A Franchisor Before Buying A Franchise

by | Jan 21, 2021

1. Who is your ideal candidate?


We are looking for individuals with a passion for helping children with autism. Franchisees do not need ABA experience, any kind of degree, or license. During our training school we will train franchisees to do everything. However, a franchisee must have strong people skills and common sense.


2. What changes did you make to support franchisees through Covid-19?


SOS Franchising created stronger sanitizing protocols for each center to follow. We sent frequent COVID updates to our franchisees to guide them through staff compliance and client fears. SOS Franchising also helped each franchisee to obtain the hard-to-find supplies needed to remain open, such as gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers.


3. What does it take to be successful as a franchise owner?


A franchise owner must have leadership skills. A CEO’s job is to empower and encourage their staff to do their best. They will monitor each staff member’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and make individual goals for improvement.  A franchise owner must have strong people skills. Newly diagnosed children come with anxious parents. Forming personal bonds and trust with your client’s parents will ensure your business’s success.


4. What sets your brand apart from its competition?


Success On The Spectrum is currently the ONLY center-based ABA franchise in the country. There are many “Mom-And-Pop” clinics out there but mostly without support, they make expensive mistakes and struggle hard during economic crises (like COVID). There are also large corporations gobbling up smaller clinics but usually the administration is out of touch with the daily struggles of a center which results in dwindling quality of care.


5. What is your failure rate? How many locations have closed and why?


We have zero units closed as of 2021. We also have zero operating units for sale. Our franchisees are enjoying the growth of their units and have plans to stay for the long run.


6. How financially strong is your franchise?


We are an emerging franchise with less than 10 operating units. Our finances are strong and we are backed by a private equity out of Houston, TX.


7. What is a typical day like for a franchisee?


CEOs are responsible for payroll, marketing, and managing employees. It is not necessary for them to be present in the center full-time but statistics show the more involved an owner is, the more successful the business becomes.


8. Can I hear from other franchisees?


Absolutely yes! During our discovery day we invite prospective franchise owners to speak with current franchisees and ask any questions they may have.


9. Will I have a protected territory?


Yes. You will be awarded a protected territory with a minimum 5 miles radius. Dense, urban areas have the smallest territories, while rural areas can have much larger territories.


10. How can I scale my business?


Each center should be able to service up to 24 full-time clients. Once that number is reached, we recommend opening another location. We love our franchisees to own multiple units. We offer a huge discount on the initial franchising fee and you will have the first right of refusal for adjacent territories.


Don is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of IFPG. For more than 15 years, he has led the development of platforms to help franchise professionals better their businesses. Along with his innovative team at IFPG, Don has raised the bar industry-wide in the franchise sales process. Don’s work through IFPG has received many accolades, including being named the top franchise broker network by Entrepreneur Magazine in both 2019 and 2020. https://www.ifpg.org/team-view/don-daszkowski-24/