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Coping with COVID-19

by | Feb 12, 2021

Small businesses across America suffered through a financial crunch when coronavirus restrictions had millions of people taking refuge from the virus outbreak by staying at home.

A 20-year study about crisis preparedness by Mitroff and Alpaslan found that 75% of companies are not equipped to manage an unfamiliar crisis and do not posses the capabilities required to effectively and safely navigate crisis periods. A 2020 Goldman Sachs survey found that more than 50% of business owners said they didn’t think they could continue operating their businesses for more than three months during a crisis.

To survive a crisis, a company needs good preparation, consistent, well-funded and committed leadership. Being a part of a franchise increases a small company’s capacity to rapidly respond to emergencies.

Success On The Spectrum gave an examplary execution. The leadership team at SOS Franchising made decisions quickly. As this was an unprecedented and highly fluid situation, SOS Franchising frequently reviewed, amended and updated business continuity and contingency plans. The franchisor ensured that each location was aware and understood the crisis response procedures.

SOS Franchising helped supply each location with enough cleaning solutions, handsanitizer, masks, and gloves needed to remain open during the 2020 lockdown. The new pandemic protocols immediately addressed the need for the maximum protection of employees and clients.

Every Success On The Spectrum center was able to remain open and the mission to serve children lived on.