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Success On The Spectrum Expands ABA Therapy Franchise & Paid Internships Nationwide

by | Jun 13, 2024

Established Career Pathways At Success On The Spectrum

Success On The Spectrum, the nationwide ABA therapy franchise, has established ABA career pathways and is opening its paid internship program across the U.S.. Success On The Spectrum (SOS) is an approved practicum site for over 8 universities. These partnerships also provide SOS employees with discounted tuition. Success On The Spectrum is hopeful this will improve its prospects of attracting and retaining practicing and prospective BCBAs.

These initiatives are responsive to one of the top challenges facing the autism therapy industry: finding and retaining clinicians. The demand for BCBAs is growing. Job postings calling for BCBAs increased 9.2 times in 2023 compared to 2017.

ABA Therapy Franchise - Career Pathways

Internship and Training Initiatives

Success On The Spectrum is a franchise, which means that each location gets administrative and clinical support from the franchising company. Internal clinical training and support initiatives are key in autism therapy. BCBAs, who lead the care efforts for those with autism, are very likely to be young and new in the field.

Autism therapy and the adoption of applied behavior analysis (ABA) are comparatively new within health care. As a result, 47% of BCBAs are aged 34 years or younger. Based on the latest data from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), 56% of BCBA certifications were awarded in the last five years.The autism therapy industry is struggling to recruit the appropriate leaders and mentors to support the BCBA workforce. In sum, there simply aren’t enough tenured clinicians in the field. Having the support of a franchise makes Success On The Spectrum a leader in the field.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with autism, we encourage you to explore our career opportunities and consider joining our dynamic team of health professionals.

About Success On The Spectrum (SOS)

Success On The Spectrum (SOS) offers a variety of therapy services tailored to children with Autism. SOS combines scientifically proven methods with a fun and engaging environment, including community outings and high parent involvement. Our goal is to help clients make significant progress in their social, academic, and daily living skills. As the first ABA therapy franchise in the US, SOS has rapidly expanded, providing comprehensive and compassionate care nationwide.

Why An ABA Therapy Franchise May Be Right For You

Franchising with Success On The Spectrum offers a unique opportunity to be part of a growing industry while making a meaningful impact in the lives of children with Autism. As a franchisee, you receive robust administrative and clinical support, including internal training programs designed to maintain the highest standards of care. Our proprietary technology and business model ensure low-cost operations and ease of management, making it accessible for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Join us in our mission to provide top-tier ABA therapy services across the nation.

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