All business owners worry about making profit.
The financial definition of profit is the company’s total revenue minus total expenses.

ABA is a profitable business

Make Revenue Fast

Opening a franchise is faster than starting a company from scratch


Keep Expenses Low

Our training programs and shared experience will help you avoid expensive mistakes

Share Big Expenses

You won’t have to pay for a website, trademark lawyers, HR departments, staff recruiters, etc

Support System

Franchisees have support 24/7. We can also help with emergency staffing and obtaining supplies.


The demand for ABA is high. The Autism Treatment Industry is growing faster than any other sector of health care. It is easy to see that ABA is a profitable business.


The majority of clients under 5 years old will be enrolled at your center full-time (40 hours per week). These children are typically too young to attend school, or have severe symptoms that prevent them from attending school.


The majority of clients over 5 years old already attend school and will elect to receive part-time ABA at home, after school.


You may also have a few older clients that need special assistance within the classroom in order for them to succeed. Private schools typically do not have specialty staff. The clients health insurance may then pay for your employees shadow the child throughout the day, offering assistance as needed.

Health Insurance

The majority of clients will use health insurance to pay for ABA services. You will submit claims as in-network or out-of-network and will be reimbursed directly by the insurance company.



Affluent clients may choose to pay cash for ABA services. There are also many scholarship and grant programs available through non-profit organizations.


School Contracts

Many school districts contract ABA providers to offer services within their classrooms. They will pay your directly with  federal funding they receive through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)


States with Autism Insurance Reform

Because it is recognized as a medical treatment for Autism symptoms, health insurance carriers reimburse for ABA services. In fact, most states have laws that mandate publicly funded health plans to cover ABA as an Autism treatment. 


Reimbursement rates vary based on the insurance carrier and location. Rural areas (which tend to have severe provider shortages) may get higher rates than urban areas. SOS Franchising will help you negotiate your contracted rates in order to maximize profit.


In fall 2014, the APBA reported that Medicaid paid for 22.5% of all ABA services and reimbursed providers between $25 to $75/hr for a RBT and $55.50 to $125/hr for a BCBA. Private health insurance paid for 42% of all ABA services and reimbursed providers between $24.64 to $160 /hour for a RBT and $36.90 to $196.50 /hr for a BCBA.


As of May 2019, Tricare reimbursement rates are up to $76/hr for a RBT and $135/hr for a BCBA.


For a fully operational clinic, franchise fees will account for about 1% of your expenses.

Marketing will account for about 1% of your expenses.

Payroll will be your biggest expense. It accounts for about 45% of your expenses.

Below are the average hourly rates for ABA organizations as reported by the BHCOE in 2018.

ABA is a profitable business

Average Hourly Rate for BCBAs
Average hourly rate for bcbas
average hourly rate of bcbas
Average Hourly Rate for RBTs
RBT average hourly rate
average hourly rate for rbts